Parsons Middle School has a School Resource Officer and security cameras to promote building security and practices Safety Drills and Crisis Drills to promote student safety. For more information read below.

District School Resource Officer
Parsons District Schools has a School Resource Officer. The School Resource Officer's job first and foremost is to enforce state law and local city ordinances. He provides police services to the schools, school grounds and the areas adjacent to the schools. Also, he prevents juvenile delinquency via personal relationships that are positive with close contacts with the students. This is done through crime prevention programs and security checks to deter criminal activity at the school. He builds close relationships with school administrators and staff as a team working towards the ultimate goal of having schools that are as safe as possible. He is visible within the community by attending and participating in school functions. He works with school counselors providing assistance in student support and assisting in conflict resolution. He maintains positive contact with students while promoting the profession of the police officer and is a positive role model.

Security Monitoring

Parsons Middle School uses many security cameras that monitor and record the interior and exterior of our building providing us with extra sets of eyes. The west side doors, nearest the office, are open during school hours. All other exterior doors are secured. This allows us to monitor visitors to our building. We ask that all visitors stop in the office when they arrive at the building.

Safety Drills
Parsons Middle School conducts Safety Drills. During a fire drill, students must evacuate the building as safely and quickly as possible. During a tornado drill, students move to the safest parts of the building as safely and quickly as possible. Each classroom/teacher has the directions, routes, and places to locate for each drill. Every student must participate and follow the teachers' directions closely. The drills are designed to prevent injury and save lives and therefore are treated very seriously.

Crisis Drills

Parsons Middle School conducts Crisis Drills. During a crisis drill which means, there is a lock down situation, staff clears the hallways, accounts for all students under your supervision, locks doors, pulls shades, gets students away from windows and doors, and maintains silence. Lock down drills and incidents will be announced as follows: “AN EMERGENCY SITUATION EXISTS!" Only the building principal or his/her designee in charge may issue the "ALL CLEAR" for the classroom teachers.

Weapons Policy
Parsons U.S.D. 503 schools have a weapons policy adopted by the Board of Education that states: "A student shall not knowingly possess, handle or transmit any object that can reasonably be considered a weapon on the school grounds or a school bus, or off the school grounds at a school activity, function, or event." Furthermore: "This policy shall include any weapon, any item being used as a weapon or destructive device, or any facsimile of a weapon." In accordance with this policy Parsons Middle School takes a "zero tolerance" stand on the issue of weapons. Action will be taken and consequences could result in long term suspension or expulsion. Please pay attention to what your child brings to school. Criminal misconduct will be reported to the proper law enforcement authority.