Parsons Elementary School Fine Arts Opportunities

Elementary Art Class

The elementary art program is designed for students with all types of learning styles. The main focus of the program is to help each student develop fine art skills and knowledge in order to successfully produce meaningful works of art. Through exposure to the Elements and principles of design, the students develop an "artist language" to help them communicate through works of art. Drawing, painting, printmaking and ceramics are just a few of the ways students produce art. The students are also exposed to fine art prints and videos to enhance their awareness of famous artists. Students learn very early that art is a reflection of life and its worth goes beyond the school doors.

Elementary Music Class

All students explore music in kindergarten through singing, movement activities, Orff instruments, and games. Music reading begins in first grade and continues through fifth grade. Activities include singing, Orff, Kodaly, folk dancing, world drumming, boomwhackers, recorders, and more. Audiences enjoy elementary music programs at the municipal auditorium throughout the year.

Suzuki Strings

Students in Parsons District Schools - USD 503 have a special opportunity to participate in Suzuki Strings. This is a method of learning to play string instruments (violin, cello, etc) based on the idea Dr. Suzuki, the founder, had that all children can learn to play musical instruments in the same way that they learn to speak their native language—in the way that every child learns to speak, every child can learn to play music.

Students learn self-discipline, concentration, confidence, self-esteem, and determination to try difficult things, as well as a lasting enjoyment of music through group practice and 1-on-1 instruction with their instrument. Lessons take place during the school day, and students are responsible for making up any work they miss.

In most areas, parents wanting their children to begin an instrument in grade school must pay for private lessons. Parsons District Schools - USD 503 is one of very few school districts that provide lessons to students through the school. There is no cost for lessons. The only cost is rental of an instrument: $20/semester for school instruments (limited number available) or $15/month with one year agreement through KC Strings (insured for any repairs).